Interview with power that be.


Whats the best way to take control?

Well, we could either go in there guns blazing and take it by force, or we could turn the people within that environment against each other and then feed both sides money so they can destroy themselves, then take their land to control the people within it.

We can cause catastrophic events on the world and inflict this ideology called Terrorism into the minds of the people, make em’ think some guys over in the East are trying to bring our esteemed and established government down.

We can create religion and split it between each race of the worlds people, make em’ think these catastrophic events are acts of God. We’ll create this illusion of Heaven and Hell, if they do good and follow their religious views, they’ll go to Heaven, if they don’t, they face the wrath of their God and spend an eternity in Hell, and on the plus side, heh, this’ll create some conflict between each religion, they’ll all think that their own religion is the right one, and fight against each other for it. 

We’ll create scarcity in the resources we control all over the world and give much less to countries who aren’t like us, it’ll make the white people hate the coloured people because their lifestyle is different to theirs, and it’ll make the coloured people hate the white people for their wealth and power.

We can form governments for everything and have politicians speak for them, get these guys to tell the people of the world exactly how we want the people to know it, so everything we create doesn’t get questioned, because these politicians tell the people otherwise, and the best thing is, if a politician questions us, we just get rid of him and make it look like a natural disaster to the people! Genius huh?

What about the people? What are they gonna do?

Easy! We’ve got our media and television, that’ll keep their minds easily entertained so they don’t do any critical thinking, also, we can drive a workforce and reward em’ with money, chuck a price tag on everything on our planet (cause we own everything), so the people have to work to get anything they need, make em’ do they till they die.

We can teach the kids what we want em’ to know, so they never question all of this.

How long has this been happening?!

Funny thing is, its been going on so long that no one’s alive to know anything different to what we’ve created, so they all think its good for them! Haha!

Whose your money?


Everyone wants it, everyone needs it, everyone abides by it, this credit that has a ever changing value. Money in itself is almost a religion, no one questions it, its rules are simple, and everyone wants something to do with it, and as the same as religion, very few people know where and how it was originated, or even how new concepts of it are still originating from, simply because, its passed as a religion, and no one questions religion, because if they do, they question their way of life and feel the wrath from others for stepping out of the circle of proposed life.

Money originates from a bank, the only way to get money into circulation is to take out a loan with that bank, instantly as the loan is taken out, the money becomes debt, upon taking out the loan, an interest rate comes with it, requiring more money to be paid than originally taken out. Governments dont get money for free, they take out the loans as well and pay it back the same way, so if every dollar in circulation around the world was paid back to the bank, where would the money come from to pay for the interest? It doesnt exist.

So governments take out more loans to pay the interest, which generates more debt, and more interest, resulting in a never ending cycle of accumulating debt.

The bank is in control of money, they control the value of it, the amount that is in circulation, inflation/deflation, interest rates, and finally who gets what, it creates competition, greed, reckless behaviour, it also creates scarcity of resources, so only the wealthy are provided with them, and the poor result to crime and work to acquire their necessities.

Monetary System - A system designed to keep the rich in power and the poor in slavery.

Mary-Jane, What?

marijuana joint pot lit smoking dope.jpg

I could reminisce of the experiences we had, depict the stories we created, recite the inductions we made to this shit, the idea of catering a herb to your body through fire, consuming itself with it until it’s smoke and vapours to one with air is an idea I was introduced too, I’m sure you or someone you know was also introduced to this idea, some were and are hooked on this idea, and I was a repetitive reveller to the idea, and I surely miss it, but unfortunately due to health problems, I am unable to inhale the herb for a time that I do not know the duration.

A long time since I have delved into the aspects of this additive to life, the continuity of this culture is respected, highly esteemed and a favourite past time for almost everyone. The art and ingenuity of perfected skill of rolling the herb with paper and various shapes, sizes and formations, to the sheer simplicity and effectiveness of collaborating it with water and fire through a pipe for it to achieve its purpose at hand, revolves around in the mind of just one of the many contributing factors to why this is such a popular and cultural substance, yet people loath it, protest against it, destroy it, and ban it, it is demonstrated as a danger to society by the same people who grow 90% of the worlds opium supply, the same people who keep menace in a vicious cycle of inhumane humanity.

In society, to the people who celebrate the idea of ingesting this herb, our only defence to the people who condemn and proclaim it as a profanity in our world, is that it relaxes you, makes you happy, simply makes you fucking high, stoned, baked, hungry, slows your thoughts, helps you sleep, social aspects, makes life better, and lastly, it makes you more creative. Many of these things are true, but none of them are anywhere near as a good excuse to contribute as, I eat food and drink water because my body needs energy to survive. 

The food we eat grows from the ground and is given to us from the animals on our planet, the water we drink comes from the earth, the marijuana we smoke grows from the ground on our planet earth.

If food and water come from the same place as marijuana, but we have legitimate excuses to why we ingest food and water, wouldn’t there be a legitimate excuse to why we ingest marijuana? Just a thought to ponder on.

Goal of Tyranny


The structure of implementing a one world whilst having control of its population and its environment in ownership to the ones in possession of the power, scarcity of resources that are in already in dominion, the population succumbed to limited knowledge, controlled humanity with an unconscious restriction on the mind, a harvest of humanity to create themed immortality, a dark dream to split our race into two.

"There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always—do not forget this, Winston—always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever."—Part III, Chapter III, Nineteen Eighty-Four

"A change you can believe in" - Barack Obama

Now this is the shit that hopes to get you, this is a contributing definition of nothing, the minds that drive it envelop your mind and the masses minds with it’s nothingness, and you don’t know that its slavery because theres no one fucking alive that knows different. A grand scheme with a foundation thats built on the myth of religion, that all happenings of crisis are permitted and enacted by God, to let other myths flourish in its wake, so crisis and conflict can continue to occur to fulfil this dark dream to hold dominion.

They must find it difficult to create this reality, knowing that when people know, they will resist. 

The people will know it will be impossible for them to create this reality, because God will prevent it.

Realisation to understanding.

An action of expressing my notion of ism for others to know is a concept I have not conveyed in over a year, the thought has crossed my mind over a thousand times, the absolute incessant need to do so has almost enveloped me, but always I have held back for the adamant thought that I can and will achieve this in time, but the idea of portraying how I feel, my opinions and views seems to be of a concept that is within boundary of my own lines.

Approaching the route the wrong way is not an option.

So for the past year I have remained distant, conjured up ideas and concepts of intentions within my mind, let them flow around my thoughts, always rendering them a priority above all else. A priority of always gaining knowledge, and applying it with creativity through passion, it fills my days consistently with itself, causing no boredom, but also being subject to the environment of the West, an environment that endorses unconscious procrastination, a disease that breeds in itself until a realisation to understand that I really am indeed..procrastinating from creating something I am passionate about.

My realisation today was I have had wasted time procrastinating with things that bare little or no relevance, yet I still have made a consistent and natural progression this entire past year, conjuring up ideas and concepts of intentions only within my mind, but if i continue to procrastinate, I will be unable to progress these ideas.

My understanding is that I have already created all the tools from a crystal clear route in my mind needed to fulfil these ideas and concepts. My time can now be devoted to passionately achieving my intentions.

Fuck yes I am unemployed.